Musica Ficta

Foto: José Antonio Albornoz

25 Aniversario de Musica Ficta

Musica Ficta is considered one of the most distinguished reformers of ancient music in Spain. From his foundation in 1992, the Spanish vocal ensemble has toured and done concerts in the most important festivals in the country, together with others in Italy, Greece, France, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Argentine, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, USA, China and Japan.

They have recorded 21 CD for Enchiriadis label. Some of them have got critical acclaim and awards in Spain, France and the United States of America, like the ‘10’ mark of the French magazine Répertoire, ‘Best Spanish Music CD’ in 2004 for ‘Hispalensis’ (music by Francisco Guerrero), by the Spanish magazine CD Compact, ‘Best Renaissance Music CD’ in 2002 for ‘Officium Defunctorum’ of Tomás Luis de Victoria, by CD Compact. This recording was also chosen for the Spanish newspaper “El País” classical music collection, with 130.000 CDs sold.

In 2005 they presented an ambitious programme with recordings and concerts of El Quijote period. Its name was “Hispalensis” (CD Compact magazine award to the best Spanish music recording). Then they released the first world recordings of Pedro Ruimonte’s Parnaso Español and Turín Songbook.

Together with the instrumental group ENSEMBLE FONTEGARA, they performed Schúltz’s Musikalische Exequien, Handel’s Dixit Dominus, Stabat Mater by Pergolesi, Vivaldi’s La Senna Festeggiante, Messe des morts by Charpentier, and other works by Purcell, Buxtehude or Bach.

In October 2005 they did the performance of the baroque zarzuela Salir al amor del mundo from Sebastian Durón, together with the orchestra Civitas Harmoniae, in Teatro Arriaga of Bilbao.

In August 2007 they finished Francisco Guerrero’s first world integral of songs and villanescas (released in three volumes).

In February 2010 was released its recording of Victoria’s 18 Tenebrae Responsories, highly acclaimed by the culture specialized press. This was the first of several projects to commemorate in 2011 the 400 anniversary of his death.

In 2012 ‘Músicas Viajeras’ was released, with repertoire of the Three Cultures in the Iberian Peninsule in the period from the 13th to 17th centuries (Muslim, Jew and Christian).

In November 2014 a new recording was released: ‘Live in New York’, with the concert performed at the Hispanic Society of America in February of this year, with the programme ‘Columbus – American viceroyal music’.

In 2015 the recording ‘Victoria: alio modo’ continues the series dedicated to the great Spanish composer.

In May 2017 a new recording of his ‘Requiem’ mass was released, to celebrate the XXV anniversary of the group.

In October 2016 it did the first appearance at prestigious Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato, Mexico, with a programme related with the music by El Quijote age.

MUSICA FICTA is founder member of Asociación de Grupos Españoles de Música Antigua GEMA (Asociation of Early Music Spanish Groups).